Reform: A Unilever Exhibition

Reform encourages us to look at how everyday products can be re-used and re-purposed to innovative, useful and magical ends.

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The act of Reforming allows us to look beyond a sterile factory-packed vision of domestic perfection and past the guidelines and rules we set in place. Reforming empowers us to breathe new life into the products and brands we create and that people use and dispose of every single day. Reformed products are our products, adapted and crafted to real lives, needs and dreams. 

We have brought together 8 internationally celebrated artists and designers to Reform Unilever brands and explore the artistic and design potential hidden within, allowing them free rein to traverse the boundaries between play and function. These works serve as catalysts to imagine new stories and scenarios that in turn may alter the way we consider these items. 

We encourage you to take the magic of Reform with you, and look beyond the products you see in your cupboards and on your shelves to the potential hidden behind their injection-molded, scored-and-folded forms; and how this potential can be highlighted, harnessed and crafted into our brands.

To Reform with us, please contact Leonie Paris

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